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New Order for 30 units Low Speed Centrifuge

Welso got another order for low speed centrifuge which will be applied in hospital. Our Europe distributor is quite satisfied with our centrifuge quality and hope to buy additional 50 sets low speed centrifuge with competitive price. After discussion with engineers based on the requirements, we suggest the economic model WLC501, which is cheaper and compact. Same as the first order, we update the WLC501 to touchscreen for customers.   

Low-Speed Centrifuge

Our low speed centrifuge is alwasy the best seller. They are widely used in most hospitals and laboratories in over 50 countries. We now can upgrade screen to touch screen which is user-friendly.

Our WLC501 and WLC500 can accommodate both 15mL,50mL and 250mL in one centrifuge which is our special design. This makes this series more economical and flexible to customer. Usually customer needs to choose a bigger chamber size centrifuge if they want to use 250mL tube. Our model is compact and save a lot of space.

Standard rotorStandard rotorStandard rotor

Most standard rack rotor bottle is conical bottom which can only fit conical centrifuge tubes. Our facility CNC center can customize flat bucket which can put flat bottom centrifuge bottle. 

Custom rotorCustom rotor

Now is busy season, our facility has own CNC which supports shells and all spare parts and ensures , reducing alot of production line. We promise to deliver within 20 days.


Centrifuge requirement is increasing in recent days as it is one of the most common instrument in laboratory.  As leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory instrument supplier, our professional team are committing to providing the best quality products that can fulfill customer’s experiment requirements. Meanwhile, our flexible customize policy and intelligent solution will always be our priority.  We will continue to explore new technology in application field and provide high quality products and high efficient customize service.

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