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New Product Guide: Large Capacity Stackable Incubator Shaker

Welso new product stackable incubator shaker equipped with advanced microprocessor with strong data processing capacity and good stability. Our stackable design saves lab space which allows user to run multiple experiments in limited time which improves efficiency.

Incubator Shaker4

With the continuous development and improvement of lab requirements, incubator has more applications and great development potential.


Incubator Shaker is widely used in Biology, microbiology, medicine, pharmaceutics, food science and environment. It is also applied to static and dynamic culture of microbial cells and strains.   

Incubator Shaker 1


Stackable incubator shaker can stack 3 units that only takes one unit space.

Big volume chamber which can accommodate 15 pieces of 3L Erlenmeyer Flask.

Frequency conversion compressor for cooling with high efficiency and lost cost.

Independent module design to stop different function.

Continuous running with long time setting, which can set up to 999 hours and 59 minutes.

Strong data storage capacity which can store for 2 years with one minute one record.

Door opening protection with instrument automatic stop when it opens.

Instrument auto recovery after sudden power shut off.

Rail tray or sliding tray are optional for easy sample fixing and taking out.

10 inches touch screen bring user- friendly operation.

Wifi monitoring which allows more than one mobile to monitor same unit.

USB memory flask to export data at any time.

For more information, please ask for Welso incubator Shaker catalogue.

Incubator Shaker 2

Culture in Shaking

The purpose of the increase oxygen in liquid to fulfill segmented cell respiration needs. Shaking makes cell culture media in full contact with oxygen which improves dissolved oxygen so the cell or bacteria cultured are uniform and highly efficient. It is widely used in strain screening and expanded culture of microorganisms, and is a commonly used culture method in microbial physiology, biochemistry, fermentation and other life science research fields.

Incubator Shaker 3

Welso incubator shaker provides two orbits: 26mm and 50mm.  Small flask(500mL) choose 26mm and big flask (1000mL) choose 50mm.

Welso Incubator Shaker can maximum stack up to 3 units. User can buy single unit and add one more in the future according to experiment requirements. One unit can fulfill most laboratory needs with small footprint and large capacity.

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