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Basic Understanding of Cyto Centrifuge

Cyto centrifuge is used for staining of blood, microorganisms, cerebrospinal fluid, etc., with a maximum speed of 2000r/min, and is equipped with a special adaptor rotor and sample collector. Centrifugal force separates the cells in clinical body fluids and cell suspensions from the liquid, and enriches the cells (including microorganisms) onto the slides for subsequent staining and microscopic examination.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell

Cerebrospinal Fluid Cell

The cyto centrifuge can make the cell concentration in the cell suspension and the smear 2 steps be completed at one time. The cells in the suspension are presented as a single layer and spread within the diameter of 1cm in the center of the slide, and the cell structure is well preserved. It is good choice for examining a small number of cancer cells, abnormal cells and normal cells in various body fluids, bone marrow, peripheral blood and other cell suspensions.

Breast Cancer Cell

Breast Cancer Cell

In particular, the detection rate of cervical cancer cells is 100%, and some precancerous lesions, microbial infections such as mold, trichomoniasis, viruses, chlamydia, etc. can be detected at the same time.

Cyto Centrifuge In Humoral Cytology :

●Cerebrospinal fluid cytology

●Preparation of serous effusions with a small number of cells

●Preparation of sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid without mucus

●Urine preparation with less formed components

●Preparation of other mucus-free body fluid specimens

Cyto Centrifuge

Features Of The Welso Cyto Centrifuge:

●The centrifuge chamber is integrally formed, beautiful and easy to clean.

●Brushless DC motor, stable and quiet.

●Dynamic imbalance protection with immediate shutdown in case of failure.

●Suitable for all liquid-based samples, with high cell enrichment rate and good integrity.

●Reusable sample collector with adjustable tightness to ensure collection effect.

Advanced sample collector

Advanced Sample Collector

The sample collector of cyto centrifuge is one of the important components. Most sample collector in the market is made of plastic which absorbs cells and make cell collection rate low. The plastic sample collector also will cause consumable waster and environment pollution.

Welso has developed and designed a T-shaped round-bottom single-hole sample collector, which is made of aviation aluminum which is reusable. Special design ensures uniform distribution and complete morphology.



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